Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 01,great

Beautiful orrery(solar system model) avaiable in : .The pilot episode of 'CrAP Debunked'. If you liked this video, please help to spread it. Various images/videos produced by ESA/NASA/ESO.Errata:1. The phrase "Infinite volume hypothesis" is incorrect here. I meant to say either "Infinite density hypothesis" or "Zero volume hypothesis" (each implies the other).2. Typo. The proton is in fact around one TRILLION times smaller than a full stop, not one billion.3. Typo. This should of course read "..YouTube account". Thanks to Agnostic1 for making me aware of that!Please check out the giants of YouTube's pro science collective:Thunderf00t - Creator of the 'Why do People Laugh at Creationists?' series and many other fine videos. - Creator of the 'Made Easy' series as well as the new 'Debunking Creationist Junk' series. - Creator of the 'Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism' series. - Creator of the 'How Evolution Works' series and many other excellent videos. from the video but certainly no less important is cdk007! for all your comments and suggestions. For those asking, the music used in this video in order is:Chicago - Groove ArmadaWhat We Need More Of Is Science - MC Hawking"

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