HD ver - UFO-USO hit by spray released from plane dives or goes down - Oil spill in Golf of Mexico

Many people asked for HD version. Here is one sent to me by owner. Thanks.

A lot have happened recently. And oil spill in Gulf of Mexico is the craziest one as it seems. There is a lot of rumors about the way how spill happened. There is a lot of theories.

In this video You will see UFO/USO that is being hit by spray from plane and it looks like it was purposely done. Listen carefully for the speaker. He said: ability to accurately hit the target. This may be out of context but it sounds pretty crazy. Doesn't it!?
Watch it carefully before You continue reading any further.

I have stumbled upon a few videos and stories which make me ask my self where is the connection or is there a connection?

This story/clip is old, so it makes You wonder. In this clip man claims he is being abducted by aliens and he was told that there will be one floating island of some kind on how he described it "black death sea", and from there a world will be ruled (NWO). !?
Link to the video.

And than, there is now seen movement of military in way to surround the Gulf. Military re-moved the bases on unlikely places. NATO Orders 7,000 US Marines To Costa Rica As Gulf Oil Disaster Quake Fears Grow !?
Read a bit on it here or search internet for it.

Conclusion on the end! Is there maybe a alien base on the ocean floor. They are awaiting it to surface because of the contamination. And than possible take a control. That is only a thought.

Are we in war or is there a war in space and we are in the middle of conflict? This video has never been explained.

Your comments and thoughts...

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